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Looking For A Women's Rehab Program In Ohio?

Recovery is a journey that requires trust, hope, and grit. The more supported in that journey someone feels, the more likely they’ll have lasting success.

The kind of addiction treatment program someone undertakes has a significant impact on outcomes. Women and men often benefit from single-gender treatment. If you are a woman looking for a women’s rehab program, consider Dove Recovery. Our Ohio treatment program for women in recovery offers an ideal way to begin recovery while feeling safe and supported.

Dove Recovery’s Ohio women’s rehab program offers evidence-based therapies and other treatment options in an outpatient setting. If you seek the caring and support of other women as you undertake recovery from a substance use disorder (SUD), look no further. To learn more about our women’s rehab program in Ohio, reach out to speak to one of our staff. Simply submit this online form or calltoday.

Why a Women’s Rehab Program?

Women often choose to undergo the challenge of rehab away from the male gaze, and without the cultural pressures women must regularly navigate.  

What can women’s rehab offer? Below are some reasons to consider this treatment option.

Feeling Safe

In many cases, sexual, emotional, or physical trauma at the hands of men has played a role in a woman’s substance abuse. Even when trauma of that kind is not a factor, society asks women to navigate a minefield every day in their jobs, doing the bulk of the child-rearing, and carrying the bulk of the mental and emotional load within their families, all while experiencing gender discrimination.

Many women feel great relief and safety in rehab when they are surrounded by other women who know how to encourage, nurture, and lift each other up. They can be themselves and not fear judgment or criticism.  

Comfort with Emotional Support

Peer support has been proven very beneficial in addiction treatment. Men and women alike benefit from having a group of peers to work alongside as they embark on recovery. For women in rehab with other women, that support comes naturally and often much more readily. Men are socialized to be stoic, and expressing emotions is unmanly.

This makes it uncomfortable for men to know how to cope with the emotions of others. Women are accustomed to listening, soothing, and supporting other people. They can do this for one another in rehab, which enhances their progress and sense of empowerment.  

Absence of Guilt

Many women put off rehab to their own detriment, very often due to their feelings of guilt about leaving family behind. Often the natural and designated caretakers, women often find it hard to ask for help for themselves and feel guilty about prioritizing themselves. Most women also help support the family budget through their jobs.

They fear being ridiculed or punished for leaving their family behind to get help for themselves. Women understand this terrible challenge they all face and can support one another through it. In women’s rehab, you will not be guilt-tripped by other women who made the same healthy choice you did.

What to Expect in An Ohio Women’s Addiction Rehab

In a women-only rehab program, you will experience all the same treatment and skills-learning opportunities as in a co-ed program while benefiting from the ease and security of women’s addiction treatment. Some of what you’ll find:

  • Evidence-based therapies in individual counseling
  • Opportunities for group therapy, working with a therapist along with other women
  • Whole person approach to treatment, including nutrition counseling, yoga, music therapy, and holistic modalities
  • Access to aftercare programs that enables ongoing relationships with the women you supported and were supported by in rehab

An Ohio women’s rehab program may be ideal for you.

Dove Recovery – Women’s Rehab Program in Ohio

Reach out today to learn more about women’s addiction treatment at Dove Recovery. We offer a wide range of proven, evidence-based therapies that can help you return to wellness while feeling safe and buoyed by the presence of other women who share your journey. Call us today or use this form to connect.

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At Dove Recovery, we believe in treating the whole person. Our comprehensive approach to Women's addiction treatment in Columbus, Ohio addresses not only the physical aspects of addiction but also the emotional and psychological factors that contribute to it.

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