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#1 Outpatient Program in Columbus, Ohio

Outpatient treatment programs offer a way for patients to continue going to work, school, and spending time at home with their family while receiving the addiction treatment and care they need.

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Outpatient Program in Columbus, Ohio

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Outpatient Program In Columbus, Ohio

Outpatient treatment programs offer a way for patients to continue going to work, school, and spending time at home with their family while receiving the addiction treatment and care they need.

Unlike inpatient treatment programs where patients stay at the treatment facility for the whole treatment, outpatient treatment programs allow patients to attend therapy sessions and receive medical care part-time.

Outpatient treatment programs are great for patients who have a supportive home environment and a low risk of relapse. These programs offer a wide range of services, including individual and group therapy, medical management, and holistic therapies such as yoga and meditation. Patients can attend therapy sessions during the day or evening, so they can continue working or attending school.

One of the advantages of outpatient treatment programs is that they are often more affordable than inpatient programs. Patients don't have to pay for room and board and can continue to work or attend school, which can help them stay financially stable. Additionally, outpatient treatment programs give patients the chance to practice the skills they learn in therapy in real-world situations, which can help prevent relapse.

However, outpatient treatment programs may not be right for everyone. Patients who have a high risk of relapse or who need intensive medical care may benefit more from an inpatient treatment program. It's important for patients to talk to a healthcare professional to figure out which type of program is best for them.


Our Outpatient Treatment Program utilizes a variety of different services that are delivered in a highly structured manner. The program also has different levels of treatment intensity. The level of treatment intensity is determined, on an individual basis, by using the ASAM Criteria’s Level of Care. Our patients are expected to achieve certain milestones as they progress through each level of care.

Phase 1: ASAM LOC 2.5. Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Clients in PHP are expected to attend > 20 hours of services per week:

  1. Doctor's visit several times weekly as needed
  2. Nurse visits and RN education sessions several times weekly
  3. Drug tests twice a week
  4. Individual sessions with counselor several times weekly
  5. Process group daily
  6. Medications taken daily with RN supervision
  7. Completion of daily educational tasks

***Transition Milestone = Abstinent from illicit substances for 14 days

Phase 2: ASAM LOC 2.1. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Clients in IOP are expected to attend 9-19 hours of services per week:

  1. Sponsor is obtained through NA/AA attendance
  2. Doctor's visit twice a week
  3. Nurse visit twice a week
  4. Drug Tests twice a week
  5. Individual Sessions with counselor one time per week
  6. IOP group three times per week

***Transition Milestone = Abstinent or decreasing levels of all mood-altering substances including marijuana, alcohol or prescription meds that are not intended for that patient for 28 days. Patient has sponsor and has documented NA/AA Attendance. Patient attends all services and adheres to boundaries.

Phase 3: ASAM LOC 1.0. Traditional Outpatient Program (OP)

Clients in OP are expected to attend up to 9 hours of services per week:

  1. Weekly doctor's visits
  2. One individual per week
  3. One nurse visit per week
  4. One group per week
  5. Meds called in one time per week

***Transition Milestone = Patient has been abstinent from all mood-altering substances for a period of time >8 cumulative weeks. Patient has demonstrated adherence to all boundaries and has transitioned to a group leadership role. Patient has demonstrated use of learned coping mechanisms and has demonstrated evidence of a holistic recovery.

Phase 4: ASAM LOC 0.1. Aftercare Program (AC)

Clients in AC are expected to adhere to the suggested treatment services:

  1. Doctors visit every other week
  2. Individual counseling every other week
  3. Nurse visit every other week
  4. Process group every other week
  5. Meds called every other week or monthly

Aftercare provides an opportunity for the clients to use the skills they have learned to find solutions to everyday problems. Group members discuss both successes and obstacles in order to receive feedback from other group members. Other common topics in these process groups include: Spiritual Growth, Working the 12 Steps, Family Dynamics, Boundaries, Relationships and Difficulties with Employment. These groups are intended to function almost independently from clinical supervision. 

Outpatient Program In Columbus, Ohio

At Dove Recovery, our mission is to provide compassionate treatment programs to everyone in need in Columbus, Ohio.

Through personalized treatment plans and evidence-based addiction therapies, we’ll help you achieve happiness and success.

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Outpatient Program In Columbus, Ohio

Our supportive and seasoned staff members specialize in Outpatient Program in Columbus, Ohio. We offer customized treatment plans that cater to every client’s needs—using evidence-based approaches like dual diagnosis therapy, psychotherapy sessions, and relapse prevention techniques.

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