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Looking For A Men's Rehab Program In Ohio?

Recovery is a lifelong commitment that begins when you understand you need help. But not all rehab programs are the same. The first step is finding the proper support that aligns with your needs, life circumstances, and sobriety goals. Your substance use disorder (SUD) is affected by your mental health history, genetics, relationships, past trauma, self-esteem, and family dynamics.

Men and women do not necessarily move through the world the same way. They often deal with emotions, self-doubt, and vulnerability differently. If you are a man who is looking for an Ohio men’s rehab program, consider Dove Recovery, an addiction treatment program in Dublin, Ohio.

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Why a Men’s Rehab Program?

Men and women are human beings and, as such, face challenges and experience successes as they go through life. But the cultural programming and expectations of men differ from those of women in some key ways.  

Men often find it difficult to admit they have a problem. Raised to tough things out and present a strong, invulnerable façade, men grow up believing that needing and asking for help is a sign of weakness.  

Some of the other factors that influence men’s SUDs include:

  • Pressure to take substances at a young age
  • Pressure to drink or take drugs in public settings, even at work
  • Greater likelihood of binging drugs or alcohol
  • Peer shaming if they resist the pressures and expectations placed on them around using substances

The false belief that addiction is a weakness gets men in trouble. Addiction is a disease and should be no more shameful than having Parkinson’s or cancer. But the stigma associated with both addiction and getting help for addiction prevents many men from getting that help.

Once you have decided to seek professional support, it may be more comfortable for you to do that in a men’s addiction rehab, surrounded by other men who understand the pressures you are under and the journey you are undertaking. There are men’s rehab programs in Ohio where you can safely begin your recovery.

Why Choose Addiction Treatment for Men?

Evidence-based therapies, individual, group, and family counseling, and peer support are all part of men’s rehab. In a men-only program, you will experience several benefits, some of which are listed here:

  • Community – Based on commonalities, your interactions in men’s rehab will help you honestly face difficult truths and begin to make changes. You will learn that vulnerability is actually a strength, and with support, you can face your addiction.
  • Freedom from judgment – Everyone fears judgment, but it can be especially hard for men. When you realize there is no judgment, only support, and understanding in your men’s rehab program, you can proceed on your recovery journey without fear.
  • Communication – Learning to communicate effectively is a significant part of recovery. Often those skills were never developed fully or were degraded during years of addiction. Once you learn to communicate openly in rehab, you will be able to heal relationships outside rehab as well.
  • Focus – Fewer distractions means greater focus. In a men’s rehab, you will be able to focus on your recovery and on supporting the recovery work of your peers.
  • Positive long-term outcomes – Men relapse more often than women. The goal of addiction treatment is to avoid relapse if possible, though understanding that addiction is a chronic disease and that relapse is, in many ways, normal is important. The fact is that single-gender rehab offers improved long-term outcomes.

If you realize that you need an Ohio men’s rehab program, reach out to Dove Recovery today.

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Our goal is your successful recovery. Our intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs (IOP and PHP) offer a higher level of care if needed, and we also follow you post-discharge with our aftercare alum program that supports your ongoing sobriety.

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