Looking At Newtown With Love

Discover 'Looking at Newtown with Love': A tale of resilience, hope, and the power of community support.

Looking At Newtown With Love

Looking At Newtown With Love

Newtown Scholarships

In the face of adversity, the Newtown community has shown its resilience and unity through various initiatives, one of which includes offering scholarships to deserving students. These scholarships provide students with financial assistance for their college education, demonstrating the community's commitment to fostering education and looking at Newtown with love.

Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship

The Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship is one such initiative that embodies the spirit of the community. Established to provide financial support to students, it awards $10,000 annually for four years to a graduating high school student from Newtown. By doing so, it aims to offer the student more options when selecting a college to attend, reducing the financial burden that may otherwise limit their choices. More details about this scholarship can be found on Newtown Bee.

Newtown Scholarship Association Awards

Another significant contributor to the community's educational initiatives is the Newtown Scholarship Association (NSA). In 2016, the NSA awarded over $430,000 in scholarships to 175 students. These scholarships are funded through donations from local businesses and individuals, as well as named memorial and honorary scholarships. Such a generous contribution is a testament to the community's dedication to supporting its young generation in their pursuit of higher education. More about this can be read on Newtown Bee.

Moreover, the NSA has a longstanding history of supporting the Newtown community. Since its establishment in 1937, it has awarded almost $5 million in financial aid, assisting countless students in their college education. This commitment to the community's growth and development is a clear indication of Newtown's united front in fostering education. More on the NSA's history and contributions can be found here.

In conclusion, these scholarships are a reflection of the community's resilience, unity, and love. By investing in their students' education, they are not only providing them with opportunities for growth but also shaping the future of Newtown.

Fundraising Initiatives

In the spirit of Newtown's resilience and community engagement, various fundraising initiatives have been launched to support students in their pursuit of higher education. These initiatives embody the sentiment of looking at Newtown with love, turning adversity into opportunities for growth and development.

Newtown Strong Fund

The Newtown Strong Fund is one such initiative that has made a significant impact. Established by Scott and Carla Johnson, the fund raised over $22,000 through the sale of t-shirts. This amount was donated to the Newtown Scholarship Association, offering support for college-bound high school students in Newtown [1].

Fundraising Initiative Amount Raised
Newtown Strong Fund $22,000

Jack Friel Memorial Golf Scramble

In addition to the Newtown Strong Fund, the Newtown Scholarship Association hosts an annual event known as the Jack Friel Memorial Golf Scramble. This event is another significant fundraising initiative, raising approximately $108,000 in 2016 for need-based scholarships [2].

Fundraising Initiative Amount Raised
Jack Friel Memorial Golf Scramble $108,000

These fundraising initiatives underscore the spirit of unity, resilience, and love that permeates the Newtown community. By turning challenges into opportunities for positive change, these initiatives are making a tangible difference in the lives of Newtown's students. They serve as a testament to the enduring strength and hope that characterize this community.

Impact of Scholarships

Taking a deeper dive into the heart of the Newtown community, it's clear that scholarships have a profound impact on the lives of its students. These scholarships, funded by the generosity of local businesses and individuals, provide financial aid that can transform the trajectory of these students' academic pursuits.

Financial Aid Overview

The Newtown Scholarship Association has been providing financial aid to students in the community since 1937. Over time, the association has awarded almost $5 million in financial aid, supporting the college education of students in the Newtown community. In 2016 alone, over $430,000 was awarded to 175 students, thanks to the generous contributions from local businesses, named memorial and honorary scholarships.

In addition to the Newtown Scholarship Association, the Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship provides $10,000 annually for four years to a graduating high school student from Newtown. This scholarship helps to expand the student's college options by providing additional financial support [3].

Scholarship Annual Amount Duration Source
Newtown Scholarship Association $430,000 (2016) Ongoing Local donations, honorary scholarships
Hertberg Family Foundation Scholarship $10,000 4 years Hertberg Family Foundation

Community Support

The community spirit in Newtown extends beyond the scholarships themselves. Fundraising initiatives such as the Newtown Strong Fund further illustrate the community's commitment to supporting its students. Established by Scott and Carla Johnson, the fund raised over $22,000 through the sale of t-shirts, with all proceeds going to the Newtown Scholarship Association [1].

These scholarships and fundraising efforts reflect the strength and resilience of the Newtown community. By investing in the education of its students, Newtown is nurturing future leaders and change-makers. Indeed, when looking at Newtown with love, the power of community support and the impact of scholarships on the lives of students are undeniable.

HEADstrong Foundation Programs

The HEADstrong Foundation is an organization fervently making strides in the fight against cancer. One of the ways they are doing this is through their impactful programs such as Team Attack Cancer and Community Partnerships.

Team Attack Cancer

Team Attack Cancer is an experiential team program by the HEADstrong Foundation that actively participates in lacrosse tournaments around the country. The team recently partnered with The Players NIL, offering comprehensive NIL coaching and guidance for its high school members and their families. This initiative, among others, highlights the community spirit and resilience when looking at Newtown with love.

Ken Clausen has been appointed as the National Director of Attack Cancer, overseeing the Attack Cancer fundraising campaign and the Team Attack Cancer initiative. As a member of the community engagement department, Clausen's role will be instrumental in driving the foundation’s mission and expanding its impact.

Community Partnerships

The HEADstrong Foundation also fosters community partnerships to further its cause. The organization was recently recognized as a community hero by Phillies Charities, Inc., the charitable arm of the Philadelphia Phillies. They were chosen among 37 charitable organizations across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, including near the Phillies minor league affiliates in Clearwater and Reading. This recognition amplifies the foundation's message and expands its reach, allowing it to touch more lives and make a significant difference in the battle against cancer.

These programs underscore the commitment and dedication of the HEADstrong Foundation in its fight against cancer. By rallying the community and fostering partnerships, they continue to make strides in their mission to improve lives affected by cancer. Their efforts serve as a beacon of hope and love, painting a picture of resilience and unity in Newtown.

HEADstrong Foundation Events

The HEADstrong Foundation, known for its commitment to bettering the lives of those affected by cancer, organizes a range of events. These initiatives are not just a way to keep the community engaged, but they also serve as vital fundraising opportunities. As we continue looking at Newtown with love, let's delve into some of the key events organized by the foundation.

Fall Event Series

The HEADstrong Foundation is elated to announce the return of the Fall Event Series for its 16th year. This series is anticipated each year and features six events spread throughout October. The series makes its start at UMass on October 7th, wherein the women's lacrosse team will host Albany, Boston University, and Quinnipiac. The Fall Event Series not only brings together sports enthusiasts but also serves as a platform to raise awareness and funds for cancer-related causes [4].

Event Date Location
UMass Women's Lacrosse October 7th UMass
Event 2 TBA TBA
Event 3 TBA TBA
Event 4 TBA TBA
Event 5 TBA TBA
Event 6 TBA TBA

Swing Into Action Invitational

Another notable event organized by the HEADstrong Foundation is the Swing Into Action Invitational. This event is a part of the Amateur Golf Society (AGS) Tour and represents a pivotal moment in the foundation's calendar. Golf enthusiasts come together at the Golf Course at Glen Mills, aiming for a winning swing while supporting a noble cause. As the name suggests, this event encourages participants and attendees to take decisive action against cancer, embodying the essence of the phrase 'looking at Newtown with love' [4].

Event Date Location
Swing Into Action Invitational July 31st Golf Course at Glen Mills

These events not only foster community engagement but also play a vital role in fundraising for the HEADstrong Foundation's various programs. Participating in these events is a great way to contribute to a cause that touches many lives.

HEADstrong Foundation Updates

As part of ongoing efforts to support and uplift the community, the HEADstrong Foundation has recently shared some exciting updates. These developments highlight the Foundation's commitment to its mission and the positive impact it continues to make.

National Director Appointment

In a significant development, the HEADstrong Foundation has announced the appointment of Ken Clausen as the National Director of Attack Cancer. In his new role, Clausen will oversee the Attack Cancer fundraising campaign as a member of the community engagement department. He will also be involved with Team Attack Cancer, HEADstrong’s set of experiential teams that participate in various initiatives.

This appointment marks an important step in the Foundation's efforts to expand its reach and increase its impact. With Clausen at the helm, the Foundation is poised to make even greater strides in its mission to provide assistance and support to those affected by cancer.

Community Engagement Initiatives

Alongside the appointment of Clausen, the HEADstrong Foundation continues to drive forward with its community engagement initiatives. These efforts are at the heart of the Foundation's work, reflecting its commitment to fostering a strong and supportive community.

While specific details of upcoming initiatives remain under wraps, the involvement of Clausen, particularly in relation to the Attack Cancer campaign, suggests exciting developments on the horizon. As the Foundation continues to work towards its goals, the community can look forward to increased opportunities for involvement and engagement.

In the face of adversity, these updates from the HEADstrong Foundation serve as a reminder of the power of community and the importance of hope. Whether through scholarship programs, fundraising initiatives, or community engagement efforts, looking at Newtown with love reveals a community that is resilient, supportive, and ever forward-looking.


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